Weekend / Workout

Double header

Wow, it’s been a long week. I’m so happy it’s finally the weekend, even though it means I still have to work later today (more on my new job in another post). For now, I’ll recap  last night’s Nationals game with my dad.

First off, I completely underestimated how thirsty I would be all day following my long run. I must have refilled my Tervis tumbler eight times, it was ridiculous. I actually felt a bit nauseous the entire day. I’ve heard that’s normal, since my body isn’t used to running that kind of distance. It subsided after a while, and it definitely helped to eat continuously. After a short time babysitting, my dad and I went to the game.

On the drive there, we decided to check out the starting lineup. My dad pulled it up on his phone and was confused, because it said they were currently mid-way through another game with the Marlins. Had they rescheduled the game? We decided to call, and learned they were playing a double header due to a missed game back in April. Since we would be arriving early to the game, we would get to see the end of the first game. Score!

Upon arriving, we went up to grab some dinner. Nationals Park recently added a bunch of nice food places on the upper deck of the stadium. Since we had time, we decided to try it out. We ended up choosing a Mexican place, and it was so good!

I ordered three chicken corn tacos and we shared chips and salsa.

It definitely wasn’t your typical ball park food, but I loved it.

Either it was the spicy salsa, the intense heat, or the combination of the two, my dad and I were completely sweaty after eating. Gross, right? We ended up eating in some empty seats we found, so we could watch the end of the first game. It was a win, so we were in high spirits!

Unfortunately, the Nationals didn’t have as great of a second game. Although they switched in new players, they completely lost motivation around the fourth inning or so. It started out well, but when the Marlins scored three runs during one inning, it was over. We still had a great time, mostly because we got to see this guy:

Yup, my husband 😉 All in all, it was a fun night!

My dad and I got up and ran a super sweaty (notice a theme?) 5-miler this morning, and now my mom and I are looking forward to some Tax-Free Shopping before I have to go to work today! Have a great Saturday!

P.S. Did anyone happen to watch the womens’ 10,000 meter Olympic event last night? They were running a sub-30 6-miler? Crazy. I’m looking forward to watching the marathon tomorrow!






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