Tuesday’s This or That

Good morning! I just got back from a speedy 6-mile run around the neighborhood using my newest running equipment. I’ll have more on that tomorrow for WIAW, but for now…it’s survey time.

P.S. My best friend and I drove around, windows down, listening to Taylor Swift’s newest single. I love her. The end.

I’ve been loving these surveys, so when I saw this on Jessie’s blog, I had to join in!

1. Coke or Pepsi? Not much of a soda person, but given the choice, I’m all about the Pepsi products. But…Coke’s fancy soda machines with a zillion flavors at Noodles & Company are awesome.

2. Caramel Apple or Cotton Candy? Again, I’d never really go with either, but I’d choose a caramel apple. I’d probably be complaining while eating it though because they’re messy!

4. Salt or Pepper? Pepper! Recently, I’ve been loving adding random spices to my meals for extra flavor. Pepper’s a great addition to any meal.

5. Pudding or Yogurt? Is this even a question? Yogurt allll the way. And it better be Greek.

6. American or Provolone Cheese? I love cheese! Definitely Provolone here.

7. Cookies or Brownies? I love chocolate, but I’m going to have to go with cookies. Too many opportunities.

8. Pretzels or Chips? Pretzels! Preferably Pretzel Crisps with hummus.

9. Cake or Pie? I’ll have a slice of pie when we have it for the holidays, but I’ll go with cake. Angel Food Cake with Cool Whip and strawberries, please!

10. Oatmeal or Cereal? This one’s tough since I just posted about my cereal addiction. I do love oatmeal though. I guess it depends on the season? I’m more inclined to pick oatmeal when it’s colder out…weird, I know.

11. Mexican or Japanese? Mexican. Definitely. Flautas, quesadillas, tacos, guacamole, and rice are some of my faves. Japanese for the sushi though.

12. Chinese or Italian? Hmm I think I’m leaning toward Chinese here, but Italian food is the best comfort food.

13. Surf or Turf? Turf. I’m a land baby.

14. Pizza or Pasta? Pizza. We make it at least once a week. Again, so many possibilities!

15. Mustard or Ketchup? Mustard. Especially honey or Dijon. Used to love ketchup, but can’t eat it any more.

16. Sandwich or Wrap? Wrap! Especially using Flatouts 🙂

17. Apples or Oranges? Apples. I have at least one a day!

18. Strawberries or Raspberries? Strawberries!

19. Blackberries or Blueberries? Blueberries, all the way. Love them frozen, in my cereal, in muffins, yogurt, or plain.

20. Rice or Noodles? Rice. Not really sure why.

21. Spicy or Mild? Spicy. Usually to the point of getting a runny nose.

22. Salad or Soup? Salad salad salad.

23. Soup or Stew? Soup is great on a cold day!

24. Salted or Sweet Popcorn? Sweet. I’ll typically always choose sweet over salty.

25. Cauliflower or Broccoli? Broccoli, especially Steamers. I really would like to try cauliflower, though.

26. Onion Rings or French Fries? I wouldn’t pick either.

27. Burger or Hot Dog? Hot dogs at baseball games are perfect!

28. Popsicle or Ice Cream? Ice cream, soft serve. But, I’m a Fro-Yo girl.

29. Coffee or Tea? …….I think you know the answer. I don’t even like tea.

30. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate!! Especially dark.

31. Sausage or Bacon? Bacon bits on salad, but that’s it. Sausage.

32. Peanut butter or almond butter? Chocolate almond butter, coconut peanut butter. for now.

33. Salty or Sweet? Sweet, duh.

34. Fried or Scrambled Eggs? Fried. I love dippy eggs!

35. Waffles or Pancakes? Pancakes! This reminds me that I haven’t had them in forever and have so many yummy recipes from Pinterest to try!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s This or That

  1. Lovee your answers girl. You’ve never tried cauliflower before?? You must!! Oh & I’m with you on baseball game hot dogs. I don’t know what they do in the concession stand, but they always taste 10x better than when I make them!

    • you are awesome at commenting. i’m going to a baseball game this weekend, so maybe there’s a hot dog in my future 🙂 and cauliflower is on my next grocery list for sure!

      • Awe, thanks! Oh you are so lucky. Eat one for me please 🙂 You must roast the cauliflower too. Don’t worry if you burn it either because that’s what ketchup is for haha.

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