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Hi! Man, this blogging thing gets difficult once I actually have stuff to do. Ha, ha. Gotta love summer. Anyway, I’m just chugging away juggling too many activities, as usual.

Classes are back in full force, and I often find myself buried in readings. The great thing about that is that I’m actually enjoying these readings. I’m so happy I’m planning on switching my major and am taking classes I’m interested in. It just makes school so much more fun when you actually like what you’re studying.

I’ll be blogging and writing via various forums (on top of this one) during the school year! I’m back with HerCampus, with a new title and position as Campus Correspondent. Basically a big deal. Although I haven’t gotten the chance to yet, I’ll be blogging on the fly there. I’ve also recently undertaken a job as a Features staff writer with my school’s print newspaper, The Collegiate Times. This week, I am writing a blog on an assigned topic. Of course, I’d rather blog about whatever I want, but we’ll see how this goes. I’ll also be writing a couple stories in print. Last, I’m serving as the “Official Blogger” for my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. It looks like I’ll be posting a couple times a month, updating the community about my sorority’s events and whatnot. I have a meeting there tonight, so I’ll learn more about what that entails. I’ve actually already posted something, you can check it out here.

Now, for something super exciting. I’m pretty sure I am the only college student who wakes up with the amount of energy I do. As many of you already know (and my roommates are slowly learning) I LOVE to cook and make food with weird combinations. I’m obsessed with eating healthy and making new creations/following recipes from other health bloggers. My favorite meal of the day has definitely got to be breakfast, and it’s the most important too!

My breakfasts tend to be pretty hearty, since they’re usually post-workout fuel (yes, I’m still working out in the early mornings…more on that in a bit). Instagram has been my best friend lately, so here are some photos of my favorite breakfasts! Always served with a side of coffee from our Keurig. My latest favorite flavor? Coconut Mocha, all the way.

Oatmeal + egg substitute + peanut butter = scrambled egg oatmeal

A PERFECT microwaved protein banana muffin.

Green scrambled egg oatmeal.

Egg whites and oats with lots of cinnamon.

A green pumpkin protein muffin (with some spinach snuck in!)

Pumpkin protein microwaved muffin!

Green pumpkin oatmeal.

These are only a few of the great breakfasts I’ve made! Can you tell toward the end I was trying to get rid of a HUGE can of pumpkin? You don’t realize how difficult it is to use up all your food when it’s just you eating it. This morning, I made overnight oats as I’m attempting to use up all that free Chobani I got! Not sure if I’m going to be able to do it…we’ll see though.

Of course, my dinners and other meals have been great too, maybe there will be a future post about those? I’ve also been enjoying the fantastic food options we have on campus. Hello, new dining hall!

Well, this post has taken about four hours to post because my Internet has been sucky. Frankly, I’d just like to get it posted.

But first…my news! I’m running another half marathon on October 6! It’s the Crawlin’ Crab Half, I’m going back to the beach to stay with my roommate her family. I’m a little nervous to be running another half marathon so soon, so I’ve been being careful to maintain my current training, and I’m going to try to sneak in a couple long runs. I definitely don’t want to tire myself out!

I know it sounds completely crazy to be running another half marathon so soon, but some family stuff came up, and I was inspired to get out and run 🙂

On that note, I’m out! Have some last-minute homework to finish up since my Internet finally decided to work. Oh, and a trip to Starbucks before my last class is definitely in order.


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