Thursday thoughts

1. Make these now.

2. Some inspiration

3. Has anyone ever watched Parks and Recreation? i know I’m coming into the game a little late (my mom made fun of me for having JUST declaring my love for it- 4 years in) but I’m a huge fan. I love Rashida Jones, especially after seeing her in Celeste and Jesse Forever. Scratch that, all the actors are great. I mean, you can’t go wrong with Amy Poehler.

4. This was a struggle last Friday.

My car is the silver SUV. let’s just say getting out/in to my car required some acrobatics.

5. My dog is probably the most adorable, ever. On a sidenote, I’d really love to have a dog at school to take running. That’s my plan for the future: get a dog, force him/her to run. Dogs are a man’s runner’s best friend, am I right? (EDITED: I wrote this post before yesterday, and I’d just like to mention that obviously I think Penny was adorable too, I love both my dogs equally :))

6. Buy these! One of my sorority sisters is promoting them and they are adorable. You can buy them in colors other than maroon and orange, but why would you want to?

Click this link to purchase! Use the discount code TUCKER, and 20% of the proceeds will go to a premature baby my sorority sister knows. Cute earrings, good cause, you know you want to!

Last day of Safari Hunt and one more day until I’m off to go race again! EEK!


4 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts

  1. Again, my dear neice you have made me cry but also made me feel so good this morning reading your inspiration – thank you.
    a side note, your dad, my dear brother did an amazing job with the eulogy he did Uncle Steve proud..
    oh, and i so want to hold Pippa – she is adorable.
    Sending love your way,
    Aunt Sandy

    • I would expect nothing less from him, he is a great speaker! (despite what he thinks). I hope all is well with you! Look forward to a lengthy email regarding my where abouts and all the goings-on. I’ve been a busy girl!

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