Guest post #1: While I’m away

Hi Guys! I’m Jessie. I blog over @ JessieLovesToRun. When Megan asked me to do a guest post for her, I was completely surprised. I’ve never been given this opportunity before, so to say I was completely honored is an understatement.

As most of you know, Megan is off running a half marathon this weekend. I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait to hear her recap. I’m 100% certain her hard work has paid off, and she kicked serious butt. I’ll be honest, when Megan mentioned doing a guest post I was quite nervous. What to write about? Will others enjoy my post? So many questions ran through my mind. Thankfully I was able to take a deep breath when Megan suggested answering some questions revolving around running. PHEW, what a relief!! If you’ve read my blog before, you already know that running truly is my passion in life.

The Questions:

  • Why I started running?
    • I was always big into sports growing up; however running was never my forte. I was never good at it, and the thought of running more than 3 miles terrified me. It wasn’t until 4 years ago when my mind changed. My husband Joshua and I were stationed @ Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. After looking for a job day after day and finding no luck, I turned to the gym. It gave me something to do during the day. I’m not going to say I was “in love” with running from the start, because that’s not the case at all. It took a couple months to really get my mileage going, and to no longer have to walk between sessions.

When my husband deployed, running was a form of support for me. I knew that no matter what mood I may have been in, whether I was sad from being a lone, or just needing a pick me up, a run would do wonders. Yes there were days where the thought of going for a run sounded awful, and crying sounded 10x better, but just sucking it up and logging a couple miles always made the biggest difference in the world.

**Oh and who doesn’t enjoy being able to eat some extra calories throughout the day… yes I’m talking about that extra cookie, or some frozen yogurt**

  • What it’s done for me?
    • Running has been a blessing in my life. Not only has it made a wonderful effect on my body physically, but the way it makes me feel mentally is at such a higher level. Running is my “me time”, and allows me to relieve any stress I may be feeling. It’s the “runner’s high” you get after a long run that has me challenging myself run after run. To me, no other exercise compares.

  • What are your accomplishments?
    • My biggest accomplishment was my first half marathon. I was never one to push myself to the limits. Instead I liked to play it safe when it came to sports. While training for my first race, I knew my mindset had to change. I couldn’t depend solely on my physical appearance. I had to up my mileage, eat healthier, get enough sleep, and learn to wake up early in the morning for long runs to avoid the heat. It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. There were days when my body didn’t want to do anything but lay on the couch. Runs that were awful and made me second guessing why in the world I signed up in the first place. Learning from others that not all runs are going to be perfect, and there may be obstacles to climb before race day definitely helped. When race day came, there was no turning back. My body was full of nerves, but also excitement. I couldn’t believe I was about to run 13.1 miles. The run couldn’t have been more perfect. I had my husband @ my side, and the temperatures were great. Once we crossed the finish line, I felt a feeling that no words can describe. I felt confident, and beyond proud of myself. I worked for this day for weeks, and deserved to wear my medal all day.

  • What are you goals now that you’ve done half marathons?
    • In March 2013 I’m traveling back to the states to run the Rock N Roll USA Marathon in Washington, D.C. I’m completely nervous, and quite terrified. But knowing I can do it, and all the support I’ve received from others really has helped. Not many people can say they’ve run 26.2 miles, and that’s what pumps me up. 🙂

Well I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me. I may not be as cool as Megan, but feel free to check out my blog as well. 🙂 For now though, let’s all say prayers for Megan that her run goes excellent!


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