Tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college

Hi Running on Java readers! my name is Chelcie and I blog over at Chelcie’s Food Files-a blog dedicated to sharing my love of food, fitness, and college

i’m a 20 year old college student at the University of Delaware

I started my blog as a way to document the recipes I made for my roommates last year and my blog has blossomed into sharing recipes (mainly healthy ones) and my life in college

Since I’m now a junior (SOB) I’ve learned along the way through trial and error the “do’s and don’ts” of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while in college

let me be the first to break the bad news to you. it is NOT easy..but most things in life don’t come easily so think of it as something to constantly strive and work towards..kind of like getting A’s in college classes..HAH.

here’s my list of tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college

1. Lose the all or nothing mentality

I remember freshman year I was TERRIFIED of gaining the so called “freshman 15.” And you know what happened as a result? i came to school and lost a few pounds. Nothing drastic, but I was so scared of gaining weight that I counted every calorie I consumed, revolved my days around when I would go to the gym, and bought a scale to have in my room so I could keep my weight in check.

And what ended up happening is I got so sick of feeling like I was starving all the time that I slowly began to let go of the “all or nothing” mind set

2. make healthy choices most of the time, but not all the time

i try to follow the 80/20 rule of eating healthy 80% of the time and leaving 20% to indulgences. I usually know that the week days are easier to make healthy choices then the weekends, so I try my best to eat healthy well rounded meals throughout the week to leave room for the treats alcohol consumed on the weekends

I personally don’t choose to give up drinking alcohol because its terrible for you..everyone knows that if your someone who likes alcohol (raising my hand!) ,in college you are going to drink (sometimes too much) on the weekends..

This is why I choose personally to eat healthy during the week, get enough sleep, and make working out a priority, so the drinking and partying that happens on the weekends makes everything balance out

and if it doesn’t balance out that well (too many shots WOOPS) just try to make healthier choices next week. We are all human after all!

3. Work Out..mainly for your sanity!

yes we all know working out is good for maintaining a healthy metabolism and weight but what about for your MIND? college is stressful. we all know that. I love to use exercise as my stress relief! I look forward to the hour I work out 5 times a week as a time to clear my mind and break a good sweat

because endorphins make you happy and happy people don’t kill their husbands when your running in endorphins, you will in return be a happier, healthier, less stressed college student

legally blonde anyone?

recruit friends to work out with you! it makes working out so much more fun! This is my friend Sarah and I after we finished our 5 mile run on a Saturday morning

4. Keep healthy snacks on hand!

it is SO important to keep healthy snacks on hand so you don’t go hungry throughout the day. most college students are on the go a lot so having a healthy snack packed is a lot better then grabbing for a convenience store purchase where you might be tempted by less healthy options

some of my favorite healthy snacks include

  • carrots and hummus
  • greek yogurt
  • almonds
  • dried fruits
  • granola bars (cliff bars, luna bars, larabars)
  • cottage cheese
  • string cheese
  • fresh fruit (apples, bananas, grapes, berries)
  • hard boiled eggs
all of these can easily be packed on the go.

5. Sleep!

all of my friends make fun of me because I’m a grandma and like to go to bed early. But seriously, getting enough sleep is SO important to function as a college student. I clearly don’t have an issue with this because I LOVE to sleep, but 6-8 hours is definitely key to make it through the day with your eyes still open

and when in doubt, always resort to large amounts of coffee. it may not be that great for you but its not going to kill you either..and the even healthier option..green key!

i LOVE coffee.

6. Stay Hydrated!

It is so good to invest in a re-useable water bottle to remind yourself to drink lots and lots of water

especially on the weekends if you’ve been drinking, extra water is that much more important!

I have a brita water filter water bottle and it has been one of my best purchases yet!

7. Balance

last but not least, its SO important to remember that every healthy lifestyle comes with balance. Balance in college is about being able to go out and have a good time with your friends, and not worry about every little morsel of food or beverages that are going into your body

life is WAY to short to pass up on all the fun college has to offer. when you look back on your college career you won’t remember that drunken slice of pizza you wish you didn’t eat, but you’ll remember how much FUN you had and you’ll wish you could go back to the care free days of worrying about what outfit to wear out at night, or what party to go to

trust me. I already feel like time is going by way too fast, and I know I’m going to look back on my college career and wish I could do it all over again!


I hope some of these tips helped!



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