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Marathon Monday

Okay, so today is literally going to be repeat marathon day based on everything I have to do. It’s a chilly morning, so I’m having some pumpkin oatmeal with a huge scoop of almond butter and pumpkin coffee with my new creamer! Great start to the day.

kind of a funky picture…too lazy to get my camera. iPhone it is!

Back to yesterday…my day started at around 5:45 AM. I put my contacts in, grabbed all my stuff, and we got in the car and were off to the race site. I downed a Gatorade and my pre-race fuel of a LUNA bar (Chocolate Peppermint Stick) and a banana. I was really nervous, so I listened to a lot of Taylor Swift to calm me down.

It was drizzly on the drive over, but it seemed like it was going to hold off (it didn’t). When we got to the convention center and got out of the car, we were freezing! The temperature had dropped about 20 degrees since yesterday, and I was only wearing shorts and short sleeves! My compression socks can only do so much to keep my legs warm…I kept my jacket on for as long as possible.

After waiting for a little, I hopped into my corral, found a pacer, and waited for the start.

I was so surprised at how great I felt the entire race. Last race, I’ll admit that I was hating life for a lot of it. I blame the route (lots of long, straightaway stretches) and the heat. This race, I kept track of my pace and made sure not to overexert myself at any given time. I even had fun giving spectators high fives and waving at fellow Hokies.

For the most part, the route was pretty. We ran along the Chesapeake for a mile or so, and I had fun admiring all the beach homes. Other parts, we were just running along streets (against the wind I might add) and through neighborhoods. We also ran over a bridge near a bunch of crab restaurants, so that was pretty smelly.

SO….the rain. It held off for the first 11 miles, minus a mist around mile 10. Right as I hit the 12.5 marker, it started to absolutely pour. I looked down at my watch, and realized I could totally make it under 1:40. I picked up my pace, hit the 13 mile marker, and sprinted to the finish. The announcer even announced my name at the end, I love it when that happens!

I ended up winning my age division and cutting nearly 4 minutes off my previous half marathon time.

Ok, you can barely read that. But I finished in 1:39:18 with a 7:35 pace. I was 31st in my gender, and 138 overall. Not too shabby. Just for reference, my Rock n Roll time was 1:43:08.

As a pick-me-up, I grabbed an iced soy latte with peppermint- not pumpkin. I guess I was feeling holiday-ish?

I was, and still am so incredibly proud of myself. You can guarantee I’m hanging my medal proudly today. You can also guarantee that I’ll be using a ton of BioFreeze and wearing my compression socks. I’m feeling a bit sore today, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Now, it’s back to business with school work! Have a great Monday!


7 thoughts on “Marathon Monday

  1. You go girl, I am very proud of you setting such a record speed and winning in your group. However, i must tell you that you certainly do wear me out just reading all that you do. But keep it up, makes for a healthy, happy life.
    Love you,
    aunt Sandy

  2. Congrats! I’m running/walking my first half two weeks from Sunday! Do you have any tips for the week leading up? I’m going to do my best to jog the majority of the race but I’m really worried that I won’t finish 😦

    • Hi! For the week leading up, I’d definitely focus on cutting back your mileage and the amount of time that you’re on your feet. That way, you’ll be fresh for the race!

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