Ten things Tuesday

I like giving each blogging day names…it gives me some sort of format to go off. They usually end up being my random thoughts…but I guess that’s what blogging’s all about, right?

So, today is my top ten random thoughts. In no order…

1. I found this on Pinterest the other day. I love it.

2. Another Pinterest find….anyone watch the most recent Modern Family where Gloria learns to wrap her baby like a burrito? If not, go watch it.

3. I read STUFTmama’s Nike Womens’ Marathon recap. I totally want to run this race when it comes to DC. Firefighters handing out the medals in Tiffany’s boxes? Sign me up!

4. Remember those HUGE Honeycrisp apples I posted about the other day? Well, I had an apple feast yesterday.

5. I’m obsessed with this song. It’s been stuck in my roommates’ and I’s heads for days. Let’s just say it’s difficult to fall asleep when all you hear is Ke$ha yelling “We’re gonna die young!”

6. I’m loving this time of fall. The temperatures are totally bearable, and we’re entering my favorite clothing season. Boots + scarfs + slouchy sweaters. Speaking of boots, I found these the other day at Old Navy. If I didn’t already have 4 pairs of brown boots, I would have totally gotten them.

7. I bought a new mug the other day. I’m obsessed. It’s too big to fit under the Keurig fully, so I have to tilt it slightly. That doesn’t always go over well since I already over-fill our poor Keurig with too much water. Ooops.

8. Like I posted yesterday, I’m enjoying my morning runs. I even enjoyed my run yesterday morning during a mini monsoon. That’s dedication. It also made me think a lot about getting new running sneakers….

9. I was reading the newest Runner’s World magazine and stumbled upon an article on the first women to run the New York City Marathon. It was really inspirational! It also had an article about the annual Congressional 5K. Apparently they get pretty competitive. I thought it was cool that they all set out time to run despite their super busy schedules.

10. And…last but certainly not least, it’s a new Taylor Swift song day! Obviously it’s going to be a good day. It’s called State of Grace and it’s fantastic, as usual.

I’m off to class and then to study for an English exam later. Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Ten things Tuesday

    • I am pretty sure I saw it on Facebook! I’m hoping they have a half option as well, I’m not sure I’m ready for a full marathon quite yet!

  1. I prefer my morning runs too. It’s just such a happy way to wake up each day! I so badly want to run the Nike Women’s half in DC but unfortunately my track team has conferences the same weekend. Not happy about it.
    Good luck on your exam!

    • Thanks! Oh, good I’m glad there’s a half. Right after I posted it I realized I should check whether or not there was. I think it would be so fun, and hey, at least you’ll still be competing, right?

  2. I love the peanut butter quote! Peanut butter is by far one of my favorite foods! I also saw that Modern Family episode. That show is the best – though, I definitely don’t think this year is as funny as years past. I’m hoping it will get better as the season goes forward.

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