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What I Ate Wednesday: same old, same old

It’s Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week, it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday! Head over to Peas and Crayons to see what it’s all about.

I’ve been a little boring with my eats lately…once I find something I like that’s easy to make, I’ll eat it all the time. So here’s a mix-up of favorites I’ve been eating lately.

Almond butter-banana oatmeal. Tasted just like banana bread! I just added half a mashed banana to my pot of oatmeal and put the rest of the slices on top!

Lunch has been an elementary school favorite with a twist! Peanut butter and jelly with sliced apple. Yeah..remember those huge apples I got the other day?

Rice cakes with a mix of apple and pumpkin butter topped with chopped dates and cinnamon….yum.

Dinner…so good. Grilled chicken, cheese, avocado, bell peppers, and salsa wrapped up in two tortillas. Easy!

Yet another rice cake topped with sliced bananas, honey, and cinnamon. I probably average 2-3 bananas a day…potassium-a-holic?

That’s it for today! Go check out what everyone else is up to and have a great Wednesday!


18 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: same old, same old

  1. I’m just getting into rice cakes… a new favorite! Apples, always a crowd pleaser 🙂
    The chicken tortillas sound good too! I eat grilled chicken pretty much every night so of course I think it’s good haha Sometimes you just have to go back to your old-school roots and conjure up a favorite recipe and it is just what you need!

    • I love the grilled chicken. I bought a huge frozen package of it, so I’m set for a while. Rice cakes are great, too! They come in so many flavors. Definitely try them. They’re great with peanut butter and a banana as a pre-workout fuel! Apple cinnamon is my current fave.

  2. Your rice cake snack is genius! I never thought to put dates on top, but I’m definitely going to try that soon! I’m the same way with bananas, my roommates give me all their bananas that are about to turn overly ripe because they know I can can down 3 a day. No shame girl 🙂

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