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Thursday Thoughts

Hello, hello! Guess where I am right now? I’ll give you a hint…it’s NOT in the beautiful mountains of Southwestern Virginia. More on that tomorrow πŸ™‚ For now…some random thoughts to celebrate Thursday. There’s only one more day until the weekend, and I am so ready.

I’ll start with some eats…

I’ve been loving Taralynn’s blog for recipes lately. They’re so easy, delicious, and healthy!

I stumbled upon her recipe for this mix up on a turkey sandwich.

I was a little hesitant, but I will definitely be making this more often. Spread cottage cheese on 2 slices of wheat bread, top with turkey, sliced bananas, and romaine lettuce. It’s surprisingly a really great mix of flavors!

On Tuesday night, I finally made the spaghetti squash that’s been hanging out in my fridge for a couple weeks…and now I know why! Making spaghetti squash is a pretty laborious task, so I decided to make it on a night when I had enough time.

I started off by roasting the sliced squash in the oven, but ended up taking Taralynn’s advice and microwaving it. It turned out so much better. While I microwaved and scooped out the squash, I sauteed yellow and red peppers on the stove. Then, I added the squash, 1/2 cup of marinara sauce, and just a bit of cottage cheese! The cheese made it really creamy. I topped it with a little extra parmesan. Yum!

On to some other things. While studying for my exam on Tuesday, I stumbled upon this addicting website and couldn’t stop. If you haven’t heard of Wanelo and are an avid online shopper, you should be ashamed! It’s almost as bad as Pinterest. Almost.

Seriously, though I really should stop spending money where I don’t need to. Whenever I’m away at school, I have a rude awakening that I’m paying for tons of expenses I used to take for granted. Hello, real world!

Some expenses I’m not willing to fully give up: trips to Starbucks, (sorry- the new rewards program just started…and…this one’s just non-negotiable) trips to SweetFrog/any frozen yogurt place, and any thing I convince myself as a must-have for my wardrobe. I realize that last one is slightly vague, but I’ve really gotten better with asking myself “do I really need this” prior to purchasing. I try to rationalize to the best of my ability, especially knowing that I now have 3 other roommates to share with. That’s a plus of living with people.

I feel like I talk WAY too much about running on this blog, but it’s a huge part of my life. I really would like to start incorporating some other form of exercise into my workout. I used to do yoga classes and other low impact exercise. Some strength too – I really should take Julie’s advice with these circuit workouts. I think that’d be best for lighter days so I don’t burn out. Especially since I’m planning these races like a madwoman!

Alrighty, time for me to get back and spend some quality time with my dog before I head back to school later! Quick trip, but I needed it. I hadn’t been home since August!


9 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I LOVE sweet frog! They just opened one within walking distance to my apartment and we get weekly coupons in the mail… let’s just say I’m a frequent customer haha I’m not really a big fan of the taste of squash (and by not a fan, i mean I reallyyy don’t like it) so I don’t think that would work for me but it does look delicious! Oh, and I’ve been on wanelo before but I’m guilty of spending wayy too much time on ruelala looking for some designer duds for cheap. Except it’s not actually cheap…

  2. I agree with you on Starbucks! I have that tumbler as well, which probably just feeds my addiction to a greater extent, but I just love the convenience of it. I think it would be super beneficial for any runner to do some cross-training, especially Julie’s circuits because they look like so much fun! I can’t wait to hear what you decide.

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