Weekend snapshots

This weekend was a busy one! I came back from being home on Friday, did some schoolwork, and went to an Oktoberfest-themed social. I found one of my sorority sisters there, so obviously we had to take a picture.

That pumpkin was filled with M&M’s. I may or may not have left with it.

On Saturday, I ran some errands and took a picture of these pretty trees nearby campus. The trees are SO PRETTY right now. I wish the leaves never had to fall.

That night, I went to my sorority’s date party, Mallard Ball. Β It’s our sorority’s tradition to celebrate the beginning of duck hunting season; so we all wear camo and bright orange (it’s a Southern thing, I guess).

It was a lot of fun! And, as you can see, I took TONS of Instagram pictures. Not sorry about that.

Here’s a close up of the bow I wore. I ordered it off Etsy. I’ll be saving it for the future!

I started off Sunday morning with my favorite breakfast (another failed fried egg peanut butter and jelly) and caught up on homework and blogging shenanigans for the rest of the day.

Sundays are always spent catching up and planning for the next week for me, what about you?


9 thoughts on “Weekend snapshots

  1. This sounds like such a great day! I love fall events. They’re sooo fun! That party looked like a good time… I’ve never heard of that theme before and I go to school in Baltimore which is the south if you ask me! My Sundays are usually spent grocery shopping and doing homework but this weekend I’m at the movies with my mom πŸ™‚ have a good rest of the day!

    • That’s awesome, I love hearing about other sisters! I’m trying to take advantage of all the college opportunities while I have them – I’m starting to realize time passes quickly here!

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