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Weekend snapshots

This weekend was really great. It’s the first time I’ve felt relaxed in quite some time. I needed it, too. Last week was pretty exhausting – mentally and physically. I think it had a lot to do with being sick and still racking up a ton of mileage. Not good. I’m happy to say I’m feeling a lot better! Here are some iPhone pictures from the weekend.

Friday, I went to run some errands which included going to get my car’s oil changed, Target, and a trip to my favorite place. I bought leg warmers to wear with boots. I’m very excited about that purchase.

Saturday, I spent some time reading the latest tabloids and magazines. I used to do this a lot, and really missed it. My reads: Us, People, Cosmopolitan (Taylor Swift is on the cover…can’t ignore that) and the latest Runner’s World.

I made a REALLY good green pumpkin smoothie topped with Kashi cereal and peanut butter.

Then, I ventured out to the lake to visit my dad! He went to finish up some late-fall work, and I decided to make the hour or so trip for the day.

We went on a long walk around, it was perfect fall weather. Then, we made a sausage, provologne, and spinach pizza and watched Safety Not Guaranteed. I really liked the movie; definitely off-beat, totally up my alley.

Sunday morning, I tested out my new Mizunos and went 8 miles. So far, so good!

I did my weekly grocery shopping and found some new granola bars to try. I’ll be snacking on those throughout the week.

The rest of the day was spent in my lazy socks 🙂 I really love funky socks, and Target has great options!

How was your weekend? 


15 thoughts on “Weekend snapshots

  1. This sounds like the perfect weekend to me! I would kill to be able to drive an hour to go visit my family- that’s awesome! It sounds like it was exactly what you needed to help unwind. And I’m sure the 8-miler didn’t hurt 🙂
    p.s- those zbars are my favorite! Actually, almost any flavor. They’re so good!

  2. This is what I wished my weekend looked like. I did a little bit of relaxing but I wish I would’ve had a more productive, lazy weekend – meaning: get my ‘fun’ errands in (shopping, groceries, target w/ stbx) as opposed to just sitting around for six hours on a Saturday morning. At least I worked out? I guess that’s somewhat productive! Hoping to get a few runs in this week – I need to go buy some new shoes and I actually looked at the Mizunos! Good to hear that you’re liking them 🙂 Hope you have an awesome week.

  3. I think it’s so wonderful that you & your dad were able to enjoy each others company ❤ I'm such a daddy's girl, so I know how amazing those times are. I'm actually flying home in March to be there to celebrate his birthday. I can hardly wait!

    Way to also knock out 8 miles girl! 🙂 Glad the shoes are working out for you.

  4. Oh Megan, you just make my day with your wonderful pictures and news. i love, love your socks, i am the same way – i like funky socks and every color i can get – must be the A-types we are, you think?

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