Weekend snapshots

Weekend snapshots

Quick! I have a bunch of homework to get started on and finish tonight. I have a busy week ahead, so less is more tonight.

Saturday morning started out as they usually do – with my newest routine. I went on an 8 mile tempo run, picked up some iced coffee, and went grocery shopping. The weather has been beautiful here (mid-60s) so I’m jumping back on the iced coffee train.

 It was my sorority’s semi-formals on Saturday night. Lots of fun! Started with cute pictures…

Ended with some much-needed Taylor Swift gossip.

I perfected the two-ingredient pancake on Sunday morning. Tip: use 2 eggs instead of one and fry it on LOW until the edges are completely brown.

I haven’t messed up a flip yet, but I probably just jinxed it. I spent the afternoon homework-ing away…

and roasting up some spaghetti squash to last me throughout the week.

It came in handy when I was in a rush to eat dinner after my meeting. Ground turkey + onion + green pepper + mushrooms + pizza seasoning. Yum.

Off to do some homework and hopefully indulge in Breaking Amish! 😉


8 thoughts on “Weekend snapshots

  1. Your dress is so cute! My meals don’t need a lot of prepping since I pretty much (and by pretty much I mean I do) eat the same thing every day, haha the 2 ingredient pancake looks delicious 🙂

  2. Looks like a great weekend- crazy how warm it was, right? NYC was like 70 yesterday too! Your dinner makes me want to get a spaghetti squash to pour my left-over chili on! yum!

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