Hey, I’m home!

Good morning! Blogging live from my bed listening to Coldplay Pandora at the moment. I decided to hang out this morning and go out for my run later…because, why not? I try to deviate from my typical schedule when I’m home so I can rest up more. I still like to have things to do, though. So, I’m pretty thankful my mom understands this and leaves me notes of errands to run for her. Today, I’m going to Costco! That’ll be a sight.

Anyway, on to today. It’s Marvelous in my Monday! I thought about putting together a weekend snapshots post last night, but everything about this weekend was pretty marvelous. Another combination post is in order. Thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting!

We’ll start with Friday night – I was greeted by this puppy. It was so cute.

In case you were curious, I opted not to run in the race on Saturday. To be honest, I was feeling a bit sore and just not in “racing mood.” It didn’t help that all my professors cancelled class on Friday – home was calling my name! I got to sleep in my own bed (and had the best sleep ever) with my childhood stuffed animal, Crystal. She’s TY and clearly has not aged well.

The next morning, I went on my 6-mile loop around the neighborhood in honor of the run. I took it at more of a tempo pace and enjoyed all the new sights around home…there always seems to be something new. Then, I accompanied my mom to her eye doctor appointment, read my book, and drank coffee. This book is good. My review will be up tomorrow.

The rest of the day, we pretty much hung out, took lots of pictures of Pippa, and did some shopping.

I found these ADORABLE mugs at Anthropologie. I want everything in that store.

I ended the night watching Moonrise Kingdom with the family and made a mean cup of hot chocolate. If you haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom, I definitely recommend Redbox-ing (is that a word?) it. It’s too cute.

The next morning, I went on one of my old half marathon training routes. I think it was somewhere between 8 or 9 miles. It was a great run; I originally didn’t plan on going that far, but was feeling good and kept going. Don’t you love that?

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner at Wegmans, my favorite grocery store! It was so crowded, so not all that enjoyable. In the greeting card aisle, I found some Taylor Swift cards. I’m sorry, but they’re a little cheesy. I’m not really a fan.

Well, I’m off to get my lazy day going! I plan on going for a good run, finishing my book, and hitting up Barnes and Noble/Starbucks for a new one. An ideal day for me. Hope you have a marvelous Monday!


12 thoughts on “Hey, I’m home!

  1. This sounds like the perfect day to me! Watching a redbox movie with hot chocolate is probably what I’ll be doing every night while I’m at home. Moonrise Kingdom was actually filmed on my island in RI! I haven’t seen the whole thing though, I couldn’t really get into it for some reason. Have a wonderful day with an even more wonderful run 🙂

  2. One of my favorite things about being home is really taking time to just do what I want to do. I love grocery shopping but avoid it on the most crowded days. Most of all I spent so much time with my mom. I am glad you listened to your body and didn’t race, says a lot!

  3. what a great weekend! i’m super jealous you’re home already – i’m itching to get home to my family! i can’t wait to go on runs with my dad, hang out with my mom and eat tons of home cooked food. and now i’m adding drink a lot of hot chocolate to the last because that looks amazing.

    • Seriously – I’ve had hot chocolate every day. It’s definitely a holiday season staple. I love running with my dad as well, he’s the one who inspired me to get running. We’re running a Turkey Trot on Thursday, can’t wait!

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