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Happy Sunday! By the time you read this post, I’ll be on the road on the way to school. Hopefully, I got everything together and was able to avoid traffic. Anyway, I had a great visit at home and am already ready to go back for winter break. I only have a couple weeks left, so I’m really on the home stretch now. This post is going to be a dump of all the fun things I did while I was at home, so get ready.

My mom and I went to see Silver Linings Playbook on Wednesday night! I loved it, but it is definitely different from the book. It’s always interesting to see the parts directors choose to emphasize. I guess the parts I thought were important weren’t as important to the director! Oh, well. I’ll give the director a break, though. It has to be difficult to condense such a complex book into a two-hour movie. I’d still recommend seeing it, but please read the book first!

I made lots of yummy food. Pumpkin-hummus pizza on Naan bread…

Fig, feta, and walnut pizza on Naan bread…

a savory stuffed sweet potato with leftover squash, black beans, guac, and cheese…

two-ingredient pancakes topped with peanut butter and pumpkin…

YUM. I love being at home so I can make all these goodies. I also went on a shopping spree on Black Friday. Everything I got was at some discounted price, and I can’t wait to bring it all back to school! Ok…so not everything in this picture is new, I had to combine all my new stuff with my old stuff to pack. Apparently I pack in piles.

So excited about that jacket. $19 at Old Navy!! I went to Trader Joe’s and made a killing. I really wanted to buy special seasonings and sauces because I don’t have too much at school. Plus, it’s an easy way to add flavor to what would be a boring meal.

Umm but do you see that pumpkin pecan instant oatmeal? I cannot wait to try that. On Sunday morning, I finalized my schedule for spring semester. I’m pretty happy with it, I’ll get all my classes done in the morning (except for that one T/R one) and that’s how I roll.

I also finished an essay that’s due this week in school….where the motivation to do that came from, I have absolutely no idea.

I ran 47 miles. A bit more than I had planned…I’ll definitely be cutting back to around 40 miles/week with cross training before I start training again for the Disney Princess half marathon!

I had a great time at home, and it’s always hard to leave 😦 I know I’ll be back, soon though! Hope you all had a great weekend with family!


6 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. LOVE all of your new clothes!! They’re all super cute 🙂 That jacket is great! I pretty much live in ski jackets and down jackets all winter, so you’re much more stylish than me haha nice job on the mileage! I am so jealous of you and your princess half. Ah I want to run that race more than any other race in the entire world! It’s always hard to say goodbye after a fun vacation, but at least we’re going back home again in just a few short weeks!

    • The stylish-ness bites me in the butt when it’s freezing out!! I have my heavy jackets, too. You should run the princess half at some point! Or any race in Disney for that matter. They all look so fun! And yes, I’m hoping these last couple weeks fly by.

  2. I shouldn’t have read this post while I’m hungry! All the food looks soo good! Also, I love the new coat! I popped into Old Navy on Friday but just didn’t have the patience to wait in the line. It was insane!!!

  3. The jacket is super cute! Now I have to check online to see what they have. 🙂 Will be trying a few of those recipes once I get my house back.
    47 miles! Wow, I feel lazy now. 😉

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