Marvelous Monday: 11/26/12

Hi! Happy Monday! It’s a bit rough getting back to the daily grind around here. On a positive note, I’ve got my coffee, (+1 to take with me to class) a yummy breakfast, and got a good morning workout in.

Thanks to Katie at HealthyDivaEats for hosting. Make sure you check out what everyone else is up to today 🙂

As I’ve said before, Mondays marathon days for me. 3 classes in a row this morning, one at 4, and a sorority chapter meeting at 7:30. Good thing I’ve got my Larabar to get me through the morning!

Yesterday’s post pretty much sums up a lot of marvelous things. But, I’m trying to find the marvelous in the most simple things…so here we go!

Marvelous is….that this was how I spent my Saturday evening. What could be better than pretzels and peanut butter? Nothing.

Marvelous is…this spaghetti squash recipe I also tried on Saturday. My mom’s comments were also pretty funny – “that’s some green pasta” and “you should have chosen a better color plate to photograph it with.” I love that they accept my picture-taking habits.

I’m finding so many cool ways to use up my leftover squash- score!

Marvelous is…these new socks my dad snagged for my sister and I at Costco. They’re the only kind of socks I wear. I even doubled-up on them for my half marathons.

Marvelous is…planning workouts at the beginning of the week. Prior to this week, I went into the week with the mindset that I was going to get in as many miles as possible. It’s high time I adjust that mindset. Speaking of….guess who planked for this long the other night?! I’ll have chicken arms no more.

Marvelous is…the fact that my Starbucks card just got reloaded. It’s no secret that I’m a huge junkie. Since I way over did it with the Starbucks trips this past month, I was counting down the days.

last but not least, marvelous is…there’s only three more weeks until the end of the semester and winter break!! I’ll be listening to Michael Buble and Glee Christmas Pandora as I anxiously await.


14 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday: 11/26/12

  1. Look at that plank lady!! That’s marvelous indeed 🙂 As is your Saturday night…and your mom’s comments on your picture taking. My bf experienced it for the first time this weekend…by the end he wouldn’t touch his food or anything on a table until he made sure it had been photographed…the joys of living with a blogger haha 😉

  2. Nice job on that plank!! My mondays are marathons too, we’ll get through it. Only a few more until vacation where our Mondays will involve laying on the couch eating pretzels watching movies 😉

  3. Wow great job on the plank!!

    I always scheduled marathon days in college and then I worked my running schedule around them (usually w/ a rest day on the loong day). It’s obvious what my priority was right? :P.

    • I do the same thing! I was actually just on your blog and I had a question – what does your training look like when you’re in between big races? I just ran a half in September and early October and won’t run my next until February. My mileage is pretty high for not training and I don’t want to burn out!

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