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Tuesday things

Good morning! It’s a dreary day over here, but I’m not going to let it ruin my mood! I’m one of those people who kind of likes rainy days. I’m not exactly sure why, but there’s something comforting about them. I got up bright and early, got my run in, and now I’ll be checking blogs/eating breakfast until I head to my first class.

Well, I made it through my marathon day. I actually felt surprisingly energized…I hope it lasts throughout the week. I’ve found the key to surviving busy days is being armed with snacks for whenever hunger strikes. This apple pie Larabar saved me yesterday – it’s only of my new favorite flavors! I did think I almost cracked a tooth when I came across a whole almond in the bar. Not cool.

Lately, I’ve been snagging recipes from Chelsey. On Sunday night, I made her cheesy chickpea quinoa with some random frozen veggies in the mix. It was so good. Trader Joes Tri-Color Quinoa + Nutritional Yeast = heaven.

I tried my new Trader Joe’s chili enchilada sauce…man it was spicy.

Last night, I roasted up some spaghetti squash (I’ve become a pro) and made Chelsey’s Creamy Pasta Primavera. I added some chicken, mushrooms, and grape tomatoes to her original recipe. I loved it and will definitely be making it again! By the way, my key to making spaghetti squash: roast at 400 degrees (sliced lengthwise) for 30 minutes, then microwave for about 5 minutes. It’s so much easier to scoop out the “pasta” when the squash is soft!

Check out that steam! Have you noticed a trend in the location of my meals? Yep – usually in front of the computer.

Ok – enough squash talk. I picked up my Semi-Formals shirt while I was at my chapter meeting yesterday. Cute, huh? These are literally the most comfy shirts ever. They’re Comfort Colors brand. They’re loose and run pretty big, so they’re perfect for lounging around.

I saw this on Pinterest – what great timing? I seriously will order every shirt my sorority makes. I also love races for the free stuff, too.

Although I was pretty productive yesterday, I spent a bunch of time catching up on blogs and organizing my life on my laptop. Per usual, I have tons of meetings this week on top of a bunch of work. Stickies on my Macbook are super helpful. Oh, and Google Reader is basically the best thing ever. I realize I’m pretty late in the game on this one, but it’s so convenient to have all my favorite blogs in one place. I can’t wait to add more to my subscription list!

Something else exciting from yesterday – I found out I actually DON’T have a final on the last day of finals, which means I get to go home a day earlier than originally planned! Coming from someone who has had a final on the last day of finals every semester since freshman year, this is incredibly exciting. Especially since we don’t get out until December 19 this year!

Hmm…that’s all I have for today. It’s probably time to stop procrastinating and work on my Spanish essay and upcoming blogs for my school’s newspaper. Hope you have a great Tuesday!


16 thoughts on “Tuesday things

  1. Yay for getting done early!! Best feeling in the world isn’t it?! And totally agree about the free t-shirt thing!! Love getting those for things πŸ™‚ And I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who just discovered the beauty of google reader…thought I was the last one to the game on that one! Yay for being late together πŸ˜‰

    • I’ve been meaning to check it out forever, but just hadn’t gotten the chance. I’m glad I had the free time πŸ™‚ And even though it’s only a day early, I’m super excited! Hope you have a great day!

  2. i got every single t-shirt my sorority offered and i wore the mess out of them forever. i finally decided when i turned 25 that i was maybe too old to still be wearing t-shirts with thinly veiled sexual innuendos on them so i decided to have them made into a t-shirt quilt. still some of the best money i’ve ever spent because this quilt is super cozy. that’s awesome news about the non-final! super jealous that you get to go home even earlier!

    • Seriously – when I got it last night, I turned to my friend and said “Well, outfit is picked out for tomorrow.” Haha. I definitely want to make a quilt out of all my sorority shirts and one for all my race shirts, such a good idea. You’ll have to post a picture sometime! And yes – it was awesome news to find out I get to go back early!

  3. I think I need to do the google reader thing too… wordpress keeps getting messed up and it’s driving me nuts! Lucky that you get to go home early!! I would kill for one day less here. I eat dinner in front of my computer every night too…. not sorry about it in the least. Have a great Tuesday!

    • Google reader makes it so easy – all recently updated blogs just pop up in one place. I feel like bloggers are similar that way – always in front of the computer. I still get out of school relatively late compared to others, but I’ll take what I can get. Hope you have a good day, too!

  4. WOO for going home a day early! That’s the best news ever. And that cheesy quinoa looks fantastic, I have a box of TJ’s quinoa in my cabinet that needs some love. Now that turkey day is over, it’s time to grocery shop and cook!

    • You need to try it! I’ve had it hanging out in the cabinet for a while, too…mostly because I thought take too much time to make it. Turns out, it’s pretty quick and totally worth the wait!

  5. All of your spaghetti squash looks so good! I have one sitting on my counter that I’m looking forward to roasting once all of my thanksgiving leftovers are gone (I was sent home with a ton!). And yay for getting out early!

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