My new favorite exercise

Good morning! Today marks the beginning of my last full week of classes. My classes end next Wednesday, then finals begin. Let me just say, I am more than ready for finals.

I’ll get started on what’s marvelous this week before I just start rambling. Oh, and thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting. Follow her on Instagram…she posts the best pictures!

Marvelous isthis girl. I have been wanting to send her an e-mail for the longest time, and I finally did yesterday. Sometimes, you just need to talk to talk to someone outside of the usual people you go to for advice. I’m so glad I did and I look forward to talking to her more in the future!

Marvelous is…yoga. I alluded to this in Saturday’s post, but I think yoga is exactly what I needed. I’m so happy the studio nearby is offering an introductory week so I can test out all the classes I want. Yoga is forced relaxation – and I love it.

Marvelous is…this sweater I bought yesterday. Ugh, I can’t help myself. When there’s any kind of sale (in this case it was 20% off at Old Navy) I have to get something. You can’t tell me those sheep aren’t cute, though.


Marvelous is…eggnog. I used to hate it, and I know there’s a large portion of the world that hates it, but I’m loving it. It’s the best in my coffee!

Marvelous is…Lana Del Ray. Have you listened to her music? I absolutely love it. When people say music can change you’re mood, they’re not kidding!

Marvelous is…yesterday’s salad. Who knew leftover butternut squash, apples, raisins, and fried eggs were such good salad toppings? Don’t even need dressing.




Marvelous is…the weather we’ve been having lately. It’s December and the temperatures have been in the 60s during the day. I love cold weather (call me crazy) but I’m soaking up the warm weather because I know it’ll be gone soon!


Marvelous is…this empty peanut butter jar. What ever will I do with it?!


Rest assured…there are so many marvelous things in my life right now, but I’ve got to head to class. I have two quizzes this morning, so it’s time to get this marathon day started! Hope you have a great day!


28 thoughts on “My new favorite exercise

  1. What a lovely post darlin 🙂 Those are definitely some marvelous things (esp the yoga, email, and pb…yum!), and I’m glad that you get to go home soooooooooo soon 🙂 Oh, and I’m crazy like you and love the cold weather too haha (perfect excuse for sweaters, hot cocoa, and cuddling!), but I have loved the warmer mornings…55 degree run this morning at 5:30?! I’ll take it!

    • Totally agree – it was 58 here and I was not complaining!! But I love the cold weather for all the cute clothes, too. Oh, and the hot chocolate isn’t bad either. So much to do up until I go home though!!

  2. This is my last full week of classes too (thank goodness) but it’s going to be a busy one! Ah, can’t wait to be done and fully enjoying the holiday season. Love that sweatshirt, so adorable…I always sneak in a few purchases for myself this time of year too. The deals are just too good!

  3. So glad you and Alex talked on email! Now we all just have to meet in person 🙂 Can’t wait for our last week of classes! Well, I can’t wait for it to be over actually haha but yay for yoga! It will get you through these few weeks, I promise!

    • It’s going to happen, no doubt. And yesss totally taking advantage of the introductory week of yoga….may or may not be going every day. You were a gym rat last week, and now I’m going to be a yoga rat!

  4. alex really is the best. i wonder if she gets tired of hearing it…also i’m SUPER jealous that it’s almost your last week of classes. i miss college so much lol. i always loved the few weeks up until christmas break. even if they were stressful, they were always mixed up with some fun holiday activities. oh and ps that sweater is adorable.

    • If I were her, I’d love all the compliments! It definitely is exciting knowing that I’ll never have to deal with some of these classes again…but I’m still stressed! Thank you…I felt like a little kid getting so excited about having a sweater with sheep on it…haha

  5. I was literally nodding my head in agreement to about everything that is marvelous in your life! Lana del Rey is literally awesome, I love listening to her music! The eggnog, dippy-egg salad, yoga, run, and empty PB jar, it all sounds like things I would consider awesome too! Have a great monday!

  6. aw man me? I have to say the first thing I put on my ‘hey I love this blog thing’ was getting those emails that you hope will come your way but just wait with anxious thoughts. man I am so glad you emailed me!!! ps, your eats are delicious looking, i mean so many colors. You are making me want some more yoga in my life – when I am home for sure. also, just to show how even more alike we are, I kind of owned a sweater like that. I was a sheep in the Nutracker one year so let’s just say i got on a kick. I even have an ornament of one.

    • Aww that makes me so happy! Expect one later today…As far as the colorful eats, they’re my attempt to use up a massive bag of lettuce I bought. I always over-estimate the amount of food I need haha. That’s so funny about the sheep thing – they had other animals too…kind of wanted them #poorgirlissues

  7. I LOVE your sweater, sooo cute. I wonder if its for sale at the Old Navy near me? Hmm…

    I picked up some rice nog yesterday to put in my coffee and it was so good today. I can’t wait to try it in oats

    • I think it ended on December 1 😦 I’m sure there will be more sales, though! Old Navy always seems to have some sort of sale going on. Oooh! I didn’t even think to add it to oats – definitely doing that now!

  8. Cute sweater! And double yum to eggnog and that salad *drool* 🙂 I picked up a jug of the Earth Balance soy nog over the weekend and cannot stop pouring it onto almost anything- oats, cereal, coffee- or mixing it into pancake batter! I wasn’t a fan before but I think I’ve been converted…

  9. Those sheep – I love it! But sadly I belong to the large population of people that don’t like eggnog, so I can’t quite share your enthusiasm on that one. Anything that makes people happy is a good thing in my books, though 😀

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

    • There are a lot of you! I also saw a Silk Chocolate Mint milk while I was there – special for the holidays…I’m super tempted to try. Aw, thank you! Hope you have a great day as well 🙂

  10. Get overnight oats in that pb jar! YES!

    Love the sweater, too cute!

    I do not like eggnog, maybe I need to try again, I saw eggnog ice cream today at the store, I wonder if it would be good.

    Happy week girl! ❤

  11. So many things to love!! Egg yolk is my absolute favourite salad dressing, and I have to say that your salad looks delectable! The sweater is absolutely adorable (if it randomly goes missing, it’s because I figured out how to Apparate and totally stole it from your closet in the middle of the night. 😉 ). Alex rocks — seriously, such good advice. And I’m SO glad you’ve found yoga and a place to be able to practice!! Studio practice is something I’m reintroducing myself to — I don’t know how I managed so long without it!!

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