I love blends

Hello! This morning is exciting for a couple reasons. The first is thanks to Jessie! She introduced me to “blends.” The original title of this post was “I love my blog friends.” Yay for abbreviations! Second, Yesterday, Sarah nominated me for a fun blogging award: the Liebster Award. Love her!


Here’s how it goes:

  1. Write 11 random facts about yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
  3. Create 11 new questions
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and mention them in your post
  5. Thank the person that nominated you and tell the people you’ve nominated
  1. I’ve lived in three different states, (Illinois, New Jersey, and Virginia) attended 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school.
  2. My best friend (from New Jersey) and I didn’t become best friends until AFTER I moved away. We Snapchat/text 24/7.
  3. It’s become apparent to me that I need coffee to function. Caffeine isn’t the worst thing to be addicted to, but it’s an addiction all the same.
  4. I have a nervous habit of biting my lip. I go through Chapstick like it’s nobody’s business.
  5. I can’t enter Target without purchasing something. ANYTHING.
  6. I don’t take the tags off of new clothing until I decide to wear it. That being said, I usually wait a week to wear new clothes. No clue why.
  7. Despite my OCD-like organization tendencies, my closet, drawers, and area underneath my bed is a mess. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.
  8. I don’t like ketchup or frosting. The smell of ketchup actually grosses me out.
  9. My dad is the one who inspired me to run. He’s a four-time half marathoner and a Chicago marathon finisher. Without him, this blog would just be called “….onjava”


10. For years, I insisted on dressing up as a lion for Halloween. It’s pretty ironic to look back on it now, since my sorority’s mascot is the lion. We call him Alphie.


My mom and I are sorority sisters – this is an Alphie ornament she received as a gift from HER big.

11. The only time I have ever been in trouble at school was when I got caught throwing rocks through the chain link fence at my elementary school in Chicago. We wanted to see how far they would go. I blame peer pressure.

Now for Sarah’s questions:

1. Would you rather spend your money on food or clothes? Technically, I don’t buy my own food right now. If I were spending my own money, I would obviously rather spend it on food.

2. What’s your favorite holiday cookie? My family makes Rice Krispie shaped wreaths with green food dye. I also love almond crescents – both family recipes.

3. When you’re angry or upset, how do you calm yourself down? Find a good book or trashy magazine to read. I’d rather focus on other peoples’ problems.

4. Do you have a favorite restaurant? Chipotle is the restaurant of choice.


5. With foods that you don’t like, is it a texture thing or taste? Taste. Texture doesn’t scare me!

6. How many alarms do you set to wake up? A lot. Even though I always wake up on the first one. I set these even when I don’t need them so I can stay on some sort of schedule.


7Is your house/apartment/room clean or messy? My room is pretty spotless. My apartment on the other hand, not so much.

8. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, specifically dark.

9. When’s the last time you talk to your best friend? We’re snap chatting right now.

10. Do you like prefer flying or driving? Flying. Airports are lots of fun.


11. How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink in a day? I limit myself to 1-2 cups a day. P.S. I went through A TON of pictures of my Starbucks cups to find one. It’s come to my attention that this many pictures of Starbucks cups is unnecessary.


Okay, here are my questions for my nominees.

  1. If you weren’t where you are right now, where would you be?
  2. What is your favorite scent?
  3. Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks?
  4. What’s one thing you can’t go a day without?
  5. What time do you typically wake up/go to bed?
  6. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?
  7. Favorite season/why?
  8. Who are you dying to meet?
  9. If money was no object, where would you travel?
  10. Why did you start blogging?
  11. What’s next on your “to-do” list for today?

Alright…now for my nominees!

  1. Jumpeatrun
  2. moderngirlnutrition
  3. Greenbeansandcoffeebeans
  4. Thislifeissparkling
  5. Aspoonfulofsunshine
  6. Aftertheivyleague
  7. runningthewindycity
  8. pickyrunner
  9. Sugarcoatedsisters
  10. jumpeatrun
  11. practicinggrace

Have fun and I love you all! I’m off to yoga this morning 🙂

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


30 thoughts on “I love blends

  1. i love blends too! the last few days have had me super excited about everyone on the interwebs. AND my dad got me into running as well! he’s a former marathoner who is still trying to be a marathoner but shouldn’t be because of injury. crazy man, but seriously inspires me to keep on trucking as long as my body will let me.

    • That’s awesome – my dad’s the same way! He got surgery on his hip flexor and just can’t seem to give up running…probably bad, but it just goes to show you the lengths us runners go too!

  2. My parents got me into running subconsciously I think. I love your OCD fact. Sounds like me 🙂 My closet and drawers are a total mess, but my room looks completely spotless! Thanks for the nomination back 🙂

  3. I love this title and this post!! Greatly deserved nomination and delightful facts shared 🙂 Airports are some of my favorite places in this world for shopping and people watching, and my dad was a runner too (although i didn’t get into running because of him haha) And where in NJ did you live??? I was born and raised there till I was 13! Love to chat with fellow jersey girls 😉

    • Of course! It really is so weird – we all have so many similarities, I’ve been loving it. Agree with you on that – I ditched the soda and traded it in for copious amounts of coffee 🙂 Much better!

  4. Blends are amazing – I swear I get along better with some of them than I do with my friends. And speaking of amazing, how flippin’ good are Rice Krispie treats? Even with all the delicious fancy desserts out there, there’s something about the simple combination of cereal, marshmallows, and butter that’s just to die for…

    • I completely agree with you on that. It’s so nice to have a sounding board. Umm Rice Krispies are amazing. Is it bad if I make them just so I can eat out of the bowl after? It’s all part of the process 🙂

  5. Love your random facts about yourself! So fun to get to know you more, and ditto on 3, 4, and 5. And thanks so much for the nomination! I’m really excited to fill this one one, look for it Friday! Some of your questions are really thought provoking already, if I weren’t where I am right now where would I be…ahh tough one!

  6. You & the rest of my blends make everyday an amazing day over here for me =) I think that’s so awesome that your dad is a marathoner. I mean really, how cool! Ah you & your family make Candy wreaths too? I had never heard of them until i met Joshua. It’s one of the only baked goods he enjoys baking over the holiday.

  7. Megan, i cannot believe how much you are like me, except for drawers and closets as mine are quite orderly and of course my closet is set up according to colors and you should see my shoes – all boxes are labeled even some with little notes so i can remember what exactly the shoe looks like. oh my gosh you will grow up as anal as i am and i am 68……a long time to be so ocd. and shopping i am exactly the same way, must always buy something, forget that browsing and looking excuse – i just buy. at any rate loved your randowm facts. and love you

  8. I bite my lip too and didn’t notice I did until my hubby pointed it out, oops! I cannot walk into Costco or Target without buying something, making a list is almost pointless other than for remembering what I originally walked in for 😉 And super cute ornament, that’s so sweet you and your mom were in the same sorority!

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