Thankful Thursday

Thankful for some peace

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed with constantly updating and checking social media? I do. In fact, I think I’ve mentioned before that one of the first things I do in the morning is check Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, and my e-mail. It’s incredibly overwhelming, but I feel like if I don’t start early, I’ll get behind. How can you not get overwhelmed when you have to stare at flashcards and a textbook AND manically refresh Facebook and Twitter?


I’m starting to realize that I need this time in the morning to relax without all the noise of social media. There’s no reason for me to wake up completely compelled to update and check everything simply for the sake of feeling left behind. People have been functioning for years and years without all these distractions, and they seem to have fared just fine.

This has become super crucial for me, especially now. Finals are looming (I’m actually in the midst of them now) and I need to dedicate all my efforts to these. Don’t get me wrong. I love blogging, social media, and all the time I spend wisely (and not so wisely) on my laptop. In typical Megan fashion, I’ve opted to take two of my finals early. No reason in particular, except wanting to get them out of the way.

This sounded like a good idea, until I realized that I actually needed to start fully studying a couple days earlier. Totally doable, if I stay focused. I have less than a week left of this semester now, so the end is in sight.

Not only is this whole “unplugging/peacefulness” thing important for students during finals, but it’s important for all of us during the holidays. Think back to the last time you completely immersed yourself in the holiday and focused only on the moment with your family. You weren’t uploading a pictures of your meal or gift to Instagram, updating your Facebook , or tweeting to friends who aren’t with you. That time was a while ago for me.

I completely understand that times have changed and we’re adapting to be a technologically-driven society. I get that, and I fully support it. I do worry that some day, no one is going to know how to interact with each other without their phone in their hands. We can’t entertain ourselves without iPads, iTouches, iPods, iPhones (and whatever new thing Apple is going to unveil). That’s why I love going home to Chicago for Christmas. It’s a family tradition to play cards at the end of the evening. It is SO much fun. Everyone’s living in the moment, laughing, and my grandma gets mad whenever someone tries to bend the rules. I can’t blame her; the stakes are high. The winner of each round wins a couple quarters.


I urge you to unplug for a little when you’re overwhelmed, or at least NOT check social media every chance you get. If you’re anything like me, you’ll save a crap ton of battery life on your phone for doing so. So yes, today, I’m thankful for the peace studying and the realization of how close family time is have brought me. Β Of course, thankful for Jessie for hosting another great linkup!


31 thoughts on “Thankful for some peace

  1. Since I have been blogging more I notice I social media check less. I turned off all notifications for facebook on my phone so I only go on once a week now, plus I can’t get on at work! I am not big into twitter or any of the other outlets though, blogging does feel like a full time job sometimes! I get sad when I miss out on peoples posts!!

  2. Im actually really good at unplugging when I need to. When I visit my daddys, I literally put my phone in my purse and check it maybe once a day. When I do I have like 16 emails, but I just ignore them πŸ™‚

  3. I try to unplug on the weekends and just enjoy time with my boyfriend and friends. I do occasionally throw something on instagram or facebook (if it’s noteworthy), but I definitely don’t check things obsessively like I do during the week.

  4. Completely agree with this post wholeheartedly. It’s why I don’t even have a twitter account. And the last time I posted a status update/photo/etc on facebook was almost two weeks ago. I haven’t used Instagram in MONTHS because I just don’t think about it. I am all about living in the moment, enjoying who I’m spending time with in that moment, and not feeling the need to post everything in my life for the world to see. Just because there’s not a picture, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. My blog is probably the only place where I document a little bit of my life. The rest is for me to live! πŸ™‚

  5. amen. I think there is a time and a place to step back. i hope during break i challenge myself to this as well. kick ass and take names girlie with those exams. thinking of you, a whole lot. you are doing what is best for you and that I love to see

  6. I totally agree. It was weird not blogging first thing this morning. I kind of had withdrawals, but it’s so good for you. I’m not going to do any more blogging until I get to the airport this afternoon. I have a whole day sans wordpress. What’s a girl to do?!

  7. That is a great reminder! Even though I just finished exams and should feel relaxed, I still feel like there is always something I should be doing, but I need to take this time to relax and enjoy time with the family.

  8. i think this is a great idea! i am horrible about unplugging, especially because with blends now there are people up as early as i am who can text and tweet with me meaning there’s basically no time i unplug. i’m going to take this advice and try for a little chunk of everyday!

  9. Great post! I think it’s really difficult to unplug while you’re still in school. I used to constantly be on my computer! Even still, I’d always try to give myself 30 mins to an hour of no phone or computer access at night. I was less stressed out and I slept better!

  10. Good luck with your finals, and I love this post! I’ve been making it a point that on weekends, computer time is limited and family time is optimum. For holiday gatherings, the phone stays in my purse…at least for a little while πŸ˜‰

  11. I totally feel the same overwhelming need to constantly be checking social media. It can be really stressful, and it shouldn’t be! It should be fun and a fun way of communicating. I think that the only way to make it fun again and not stressful is to cut back, just like you’re doing! So yay for cutting back on social media!

    Good luck on your finals. πŸ™‚

  12. I swear that constantly trying to keep up with social media has given me ADHD. I can definitely relate to feeling like you’re missing out on something if you’re not constantly checking, and yes… it’s stressful as heck. I think unplugging is definitely a good idea… especially when you have to keep up with your studies for school!

  13. At work, I go without my phone, social media, or internet at all. Yes, I feel cut off from the big wide world, but it lets me focus in on the task at hand (which admittedly takes a lot of concentration). I definitely think that we’ve become too dependent on our devices (and I’m the first to admit that I’m guilty!!) — giving them up every once in a while is necessary! Great post and fabulous thankful!! πŸ˜€

  14. I loved those card games, played between gift opening and late night leftover turkey sandwiches. My family never played cards so it was new to me the first time I spent a Christmas with the Schleehauf-Werner family. What fun was! Aunt Betty would always split her winnings between Wayne, Wally, Mark, Diane and Linda! Merry Christmas to you and your family Megan. Love you all!

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