I’m almost there: MIMM 12/17

Good morning! I am so ready for this week. I don’t even think you understand. I have a final tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning and then I’m home free! As for today, I have absolutely nothing. What’s a girl to do?! I’m thinking yoga is in the books for later.Β On to MIMM! I had a pretty relaxing weekend, nothing too crazy at all. It was definitely necessary considering I had to study! Thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting!

Marvelous is…SUSHI DATES with my sorority sisters.


Marvelous is…my super exciting Saturday night after a great yoga class.


Marvelous is…reading this article in above magazine.


Marvelous is…sleeping in, drinking coffee, and reading a book. It’s the little things!


Marvelous is…this eggnog iced coffee.


Here’s what you do: mix 1 teaspoon instant coffee with 2 tablespoons hot water. Pour it into a mug and add 1/2 cup SoDelicious eggnog and 1/2 cup SoDelicious vanilla coconut milk. Stir, and top with ice. Drink it with a fancy straw, because everything tastes better with one! Let me know what you think…I found the recipe online. I’m saving up the last rations on my Starbucks Gold Card for my ride home!


Well this is funny…Marvelous is taking advantage of Starbucks’ free drink deal this weekend. Peppermint mocha, come to meee!! Oh, and this e-mail.


Marvelous is…the fact I already started packing. Or it’s just crazy. Regardless, it’s a weight lifted off my shoulders.

Marvelous is…I found bird of paradise in yoga! WOOO! Who knew I was so darn flexible? So happy I’m cutting back my mileage and taking advantage of yoga. P.S. Have you tried Yoga Download? If not, definitely do. There’s free 20-minute classes to download…perfect!

I’m off to get some more studying done! Have a great day!


29 thoughts on “I’m almost there: MIMM 12/17

  1. Ummm you mean to tell me I can do YOGA on my PHONE?! what is this?! I can’t go to the yoga studio since it’s freezing rain outside. But if I have another option… hmm….
    And I always pack during finals week too. Clearly a good studier (although you already know that haha) but sometimes it’s relaxing that helps get you through the week more so than studying. Almost done!!

  2. Oh, bird of paradise- that’s a tough one and actually totally caught me by surprise the first time I did it too! Sushi- YUM!
    Glad you are feeling confident about the exams ahead- you are going to do great!

  3. I loved that article in runner’s world too! Sushi dates are the best as are movie weekend nights! And i’m so happy you’re almost done πŸ™‚ good luck finishing up and keep up with the yoga…good all around πŸ™‚

  4. The little things definitely make life all the more marvelous πŸ™‚ It’s actually amazing what a good breakfast, a mug of hot coffee, and some time to skim blogs can do to my mood. Glad to hear you have so many things to smile about! Good luck on your last few exams!!

  5. Yay for sorority sushi dates!! At my school, the adpis are known for our love of food (embarrassing? maybe) and sushi is a favorite of mine! I’m also definitely going to try that Iced Eggnog concoction. That looks supa easy and divine!

  6. We must be living the same life! I didn’t have a final Monday, but I have one Tuesday morning and one Wednesday morning. Indeed, we are ALMOST there! AND, I used my free Starbucks rewards drink today. Craziness!

    Your Runners World magazine has me excited to read all the new December magazines at my house this weekend.

    Good luck with all your studying πŸ™‚

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