I’m home!!!

Good morning! Blogging to you live from the comfy couch in my living room. I am so happy to be home – and so happy to be done with finals! I’ll do a quick recap of yesterday. It was a rough morning to say the least. I ended up either sleeping through my alarm or waking up, turning it off, and falling back asleep. Regardless, I had about 15 minutes to get ready for my final – yikes! Luckily, I wasn’t too nervous about this one and I’m sure I did pretty well!

I’ll spare you with a SnapChat I took of myself…it just wasn’t pretty. Needless to say, the second I finished my final, I sped back home to shower, finish up some packing, and meet up with my big for breakfast at Panera. I haven’t had their bagels in the longest time! I got a sweet onion and poppyseed bagel with peanut butter (of course) that ended up leaving my breath a bit smelly. Good thing I was driving home solo!


I picked up a pumpkin spice, soy iced coffee on my way out. I had a caffeine headache that needed to be cured as soon as possible. I made super great time on the ride home (I’m a bit of a speed demon) and ate this Clif bar. I’ve decided I’m a fan of all seasonal flavors.



When I got home, I gave my puppy a huge hug and made a yogurt granola bowl. I was starving and hadn’t had my almond butter fix for the day. Plus, I hadn’t had Chobani in forever, and it’s always something you can count on finding in our house.


The rest of the afternoon was spent napping, Pinning, and being a bum on the couch. Once my mom got off of work, we went to do some errands (you know how much I love them) and she surprised me with….a CHRISTMAS PICKLE! I’m so excited to have one. It’s never too late to start a tradition, right?


While we were erranding, I found this shirt. How fitting for me!


We ate dinner at Wegman’s…but by that time, I was too hangry to snap a picture of my food. I ended up getting a bunch of random stuff from the hot bar – I loved it! I also picked up a peppermint soy latte on the way out because it truly is never too late for coffee. As for the rest of the day? I’ll be hanging out with the best friend and relaxing until we head to Chicago early Saturday morning (4 AM – yikes!!). Oh, and I’ll obviously be anxiously awaiting the posting of my grades…because I’m a total nerd like that.


31 thoughts on “I’m home!!!

  1. Your days sound just like mine! Minus hugging your adorable dog, because I’m not the biggest fan of mine haha I eat some schnacks, wait for my mom to get home, and go about my day! Ahhh I’m super excited for your break. You’re going to have the best time! Chicago is an amazing city… that sounds like the perfect way to spend Christmas! Look at you, miss traveler 😉

  2. So happy for you right now!! Yay for being done and being HOME! There’s seriously no better feeling. I absolutely love that tshirt, and my family started a Christmas pickle tradition a few years ago! Definitely never too late. Oh and completely jealous of your Wegman’s trip, I miss that place, they need more up north!

  3. That sounds wonderful!! And I was always a nerd and anxiously awaited my grades too haha….couldn’t really enjoy my break until I knew how I did…have an awesome day with your friends and soak up all the time you have 🙂

  4. That sounds exactly like me back in college. I wanted to leave immediately after finals. Pretty sure I ran out the door to the airport most times LOL. Glad you are back and having a lovely break!

  5. YAY you did it girl!!! umm coming home to a fully stocked fridge is possible one of the best feelings ever! I feel like I can get so adventurous in the kitchen at home because there is literally everything there and people who are always willing to try your food 🙂

  6. Haha! I -need- that shirt in my life. I swear that living without coffee would be one of the most torturous things ever. As would going a day without getting a cereal/yogurt/AB fix. Congrats for being done finals and finally being home, girl! I was always the same way when it came to obsessively stalking the posting of my grades, but I’m sure you did great!

  7. AHHhhh!! You made it!! I knew you could do it (that was never in doubt!) with your sanity somewhat intact. 😉 (perhaps a little more in question? as it always is with finals!). Well, you’re here now and none of the studying drudgery nor the last minute sleep in and rush means anything because you’re DOOOONE!! Yay!
    I know you’ll enjoy every single second. I really hope that you make the most of it and tell me about every moment — I’ll be living vicariously through you.
    Oh. And hey, going to direct message you my number on Twitter. Text me if you’re bored!! 😉

  8. I absolutely love that shirt haha 😛 I’ve seen the “Life is Crap” shirts before but not that one… And it sounds like you’ve had an absolute blast since you stepped through the door- there’s nothing like family and holiday traditions, plus some tasty eats 😉 Wegman’s stole my heart a few months ago and I’ve been meaning to go back, maybe next week over break?!

  9. After your hectic morning (thank goodness you woke up in time), your day sounds perfect & rather relaxing!! Have a safe flight to Chicago hunnie (praying that it’s not cancelled w/ the poor weather) ❤

  10. Congrats on being done!!!! I’m also a college student that just went thru finals so it was fun to read about your finals week. LOVE your blog ❤

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